Admob关于显示率太低的回复(few impressions, low show rate)







Hello, dear Admob tech, our native ads has very low show rate. The ad requests and fills are normal, as well as CTR and eCPM; only show rate is too low. Please help check.



Thank you for reaching out. My name is Emma with the support team and I am very happy to assist you. I will try my best to provide as much information as possible, and if at any time I am unclear/not answering your question, please respond to let me know and I will clarify further.

I'm sorry to hear that you are facing this issue with your ads. Usually low show rate indicates that you might be requesting ads at the start of the user session, or very early within the app's code, so that most of the returned ads are not shown to the user. This is either because users did not reach the screen on which ads were to be shown or maybe that the ad response timed out. Because of this show rate is something you would need to understand and address from your end with your implementation.
Additionally, I've checked into your app and see that your match rate is actually quite consistent, so please rest assured that from AdMob side, your ad is working as intended and has a healthy performance. To address your show rate, you can self-check on the following points:

Double check the way you request ads. It can help to request Ads more closer to the screen on which ads are displayed
If you are pre-caching (or preloading) ads, that could be adjusted to improve the show rate
Review Ad Placements. If there are any ad units that are placed in screens less likely to be reached by users but the ad request is being sent in every user session (including ads placed in scroll lists), you can try other placements that can gain more impressions
I hope this information is helpful for you. If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, please free to reach out again and I would be more than happy to assist further.






  • 仔细检查您请求广告的方式。它可以帮助请求更靠近广告展示屏幕的广告
  • 如果您正在预缓存(或预加载)广告,则可以对其进行调整以提高展示率
  • 查看广告展示位置。如果在屏幕上放置的广告单元不太可能被用户访问,但在每个用户会话中都发送了广告请求(包括滚动列表中放置的广告),则可以尝试其他可以获得更多展示次数的展示位置
  • 希望这些信息对您有所帮助。如果您对此问题还有其他疑问,请随时与我们联系,我们非常乐意为您提供进一步的帮助。



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